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Career advancement in cooperation with a team of professionals

The primary mission of CHEPOS is the development of progressive know-hows and their implementation in an engineering form in order to achieve maximum prosperity. With this vision our company has defined the following long-term goals:

  • To create long-lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers with respect to the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • To build continuously innovation-oriented management of the company and universally support creative employees of the company.
  • To preserve favourable workplace environment, secure conditions for the improvement and maintaining of good interpersonal and employee-to-company relations and thus increase the quality and efficiency of work.
  • To provide for the employees’ permanent professional growth, to create favourable working conditions and to secure a fair system of their remuneration.
  • To maintain permanent contact with customers, to monitor and evaluate continuously the functionality and viability of the realized projects and installations as one of the important factors of desirable innovations.

Should you be interested in a long-term cooperation with CHEPOS, feel free to contact us, or possibly refer to the vacancies we are offering.

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