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  • Project Manager

Project managers are nominated from experienced employees of CHEPOS. They control the team members and are responsible for their results. This is time-limited for the period of the Project life.

  • Planning

The detailed planning and checking of the Project development from its very beginning till its end creates a crucial line for the Project management. The schedules are prepared in three levels in order to give enough information for realization and guarding of the Project when respecting the contractual terms.

  • Scheduling

The real development of the Project is checked and compared with the planned values. In agreed intervals, these outputs are handed over to the customer and than both the actual status and the measures for smooth further development are mutually agreed.

  • Design

Engineering manager is responsible for both the inlet data check and the very designing. The verification of the actual design documents is done during the entire design period. There are milestones, when it is verified, that the design goes on in compliance with the Contract. Validation of design documentation is proved by commissioning and by guarantee test.

The design is developed into all necessary professions to cover the customer‘s requirements.

The design is carried out by means of CAD instruments, enabling also the 3D modelling.

  • Purchasing

To purchase equipment, bulk material, various works and services, CHEPOS takes use of their databank of suppliers. This databank is maintained on the actual status by continuous verification and evaluation of the potential suppliers‘ abilities to comply with the customer‘s requirements, including the quality requests.

CHEPOS, based on the design material requisitions, inquires all the items at the manufacturers, and for each item gets a couple of offers. The suppliers selection is done very profoundly.

A part of the purchasing creates expediting and quality inspection, regularly provided at the manufacturers.

  • Civil and construction

CHEPOS ensures in the full range the construction course in accordance with both the design documents (drawings etc.) and the time schedules. The inquiry and selection process for the companies which shall do the civil and construction, is done like above described at the supplies.

During the very construction the CHEPOS coordinators and supervisors are carrying out their controlling and checking tasks.

The CHEPOS inspectors than check both the construction works and the finalized parts of the plant.

  • Commissioning

CHEPOS assist to the customer or to the licensor at the precommissioning and commissioning activities. The necessary tests, checks and measures are done while the safety and other general legal rules as well as the operational manuals are respected.

  • Quality management system

CHEPOS, in accordance with the ISO 9001 requirements follows continually and consequently the high quality level. The QM system in CHEPOS is created and documented in order to fit to the customers needs. It means to guard the interconnection of external, and internal connections and most of all the back feeds in order to minimize the amount of errors and to prevent their cummulation.

  • Turn-key delivery versus Engineering only

The turn key delivery is a classical form of the contractual relations, where the contractor ensures and sells to the customer all the Work (i. e. both the equipment and their services).

In the contrary, when the Engineering contract is applied, CHEPOS sells to the customer only their services. It means CHEPOS ensures again everything, but the tangible deliveries and the services of non-engineering character (like the construction) are paid directly by the customer at their suppliers. These suppliers are as a rule selected by the customer based on documents and reccomendations done by CHEPOS.

This method gives to the customer wide field of possibilities in the selection process – but CHEPOS is not deprived of the general responsibility for the Work.

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