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The Origin of CHEPOS Enterprises Trust

In 1965, in the former Czechoslovakia, there emerged a need to unify the producers of chemical and food-processing machinery producers so that they would be better suited to supply the market with technological units of a higher, more sophosticated quality. The resulting aggregate group esteblished in Brno on the 1st of July, 1965 became known as the trust of enterprises CHEPOS. The trust brought together the most important suppliers of chemical and food-processing machinery in Czechoslovakia, whose activities were principally directed at the delivery of complete industrial plants for the chemical, food-processing and rubber industries, for the auxiliary maintenance of nuclear power plants; and, moreover, at the supply of thermally insulated trucks, water-treatment plants, wood-working machinery, cranes, steel structures and other special mechanical appliances. The companies associated under CHEPOS implemented a number of projects both at home and abroad; for example, the crude oil processing plants in the former Czechoslovakia, the former USSR, Syria, Iraq and Egypt rank among the most significant; likewise, the biotechnological processes on our market and in the regional markets of Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and India. A number of breweries and sugar refineries were launched in the former Czechoslovakia, the former USSR, Syria, China, Turkey, Iran, and the former Yugoslavia among other countries. Furthermore, mill-bakery installations, bottling factories, dairies, water-treatment plants and other installations were built both in the former Czechoslovakia and abroad. The majority of them were based on industrial tradition and experience going back to the 1990s.

CHEPOS trust partnership enterprises – the 1970s

The following Czechoslovak enterprises successively represented themselves within the CHEPOS trust on local and foreign markets: Kralovopolska Engineering Works Brno, ZVU Hradec Kralove, FEROX Decinn, Choteborské Engineering Works Chotebor, Mill-Machinery Factories Pardubice, Vychodoslovenske Engineering Works Kosice, FRIGERA Kolin, Slovacke Works Uhersky Brod, TOPOS Sluknov, ALBA Horovice, BUZULUK Komarov, CHODOS Chodov, Engineering-Supply Organization Brno, Research Institute of Chemical Installations Brno, Research Institute of Food-Processing and Thermal Insulation Technology Hradec Kralove, VIHORLAT Snina, and export organizations, especially TECHNOEXPORT Praha and TECHNOPOL Bratislava. All these enterprises and organizations were associated under the internationally registered trademark CHEPOS.

Suppliers of complete industrial plants - the 1990s

Although a series of partial organizational changes took place over the years, the established participants of CHEPOS continued to cooperate. The products and supplies of the CHEPOS conglomeration had established their position both nationally and abroad. They continued to focus their activities on supplying complete industrial plants, individual machines and technical background for chemical, food-processing and rubber industries, low-temperature and thermal insulation plants, cranes, both technological and building steel structures, water treatment and emission-liquidating plants, auxiliary departments for nuclear power plants, wood-working machinery and a large number of specialist machinery. The companies associated in CHEPOS realized a series of important projects in this country as well as abroad. The oil-processing and petrochemical units in the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic, USSR, Syria, Iraq and Egypt rank amont the most significant; futhermore, the biotechnological processes realized in the CSFR, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and India. A number of breweries and sugar refineries were realized in CSFR, USSR, Syria, China, Turkey, Iran, the former Yugoslavia and other countries. Mill-bakery installations, bottling lines, dairies, water-treatment plants and others were built both in the former CSFR and abroad. Following the economical and political reforms of 1989-1991, the companies in the whole of the former Czech and Slovak Federative Republic began a gradual restructuring process. The privatization process had been launched and previous bonds linking companies began to unravel while the acknowledgement of an individual independence was popularized.

The Formation of the CHEPOS Incorporated – 1992

Following the economical and political reforms in the years 1984-92, the companies of the CHEPOS trust gained independence and in 1990, “CHEPOS, Engineering and Technical Services”, was founded as a national enterprise. On the 22nd of April, 1992, the Czech State Property Fund established CHEPOS, Inc., this new body being registered under the Identification Organization Number 46345655. CHEPOS, Inc. is the legal successor of “CHEPOS, Engineering and Technical Services”, with its own registered trademark CHEPOS.

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