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Introducing the Company

CHEPOS draws on its tradition since 1965 and continues in the successful implementation of its commissions in many industrial branches. The new social conditions after 1989 have not impeded the commercial and technical bonds and collaboration, which had been built throughout decades, to give their fruits. These relationships, with full respect for the existence and contributions of earlier organizations associated under CHEPOS, still exist and are, at present, important for the commercial and supplies activities. The activity of our company could be briefly described as activities in four enterprising domains:

Commercial Activities

Supplies of industrial plants

TThe focus of our company’s activity is the supplies of complete industrial plants as well as individual machines and appliances in the fields of:

  • Chemistry, low-tonnage and professional chemistry
  • Rubber industry
  • Ecology/li>
  • Energy industry
  • Food production and processing
  • Storage and manipulation equipment
  • Cranes
  • Low-temperature and cold-storage plants
  • Both technological and building steel structures
  • Water treatment and emission-disposal plants
  • Auxiliary runnings for nuclear power plants/li>
  • Wood-working machinery
  • A large number of special appliances and machinery
Expert engineering services

The basic subjects of enterprise of CHEPOS are furthermore:

  • Special engineering and technical services, studies and projects, consultation and counselling services in the range of the granted licence.
  • Complex administration and execution of the supply of machines, technological appliances, information technology and buildings in the form of higher-supply functions.
  • Foreign commerce activity, mediative, informative and agency propagation activity.
  • Specialist training and appraisal of the competence for the exercise of a function; pedagogically-educational activities.
  • Transport, catering and accomodation services.
Supplying implementation activities

More information as to our supplying activities can be found in our Products and Services in the sections devoted to clients and investors.

Coordinative, informational and other specialized activities

Our company futhermore takes care of specialized activities including traning and providing marketing services:

  • Safeguarding the flow of information in given commodities while using domestic and foreign information systems in the form of treating and sales of output and research
  • Publicity activities in the form of securing the participation at exhibitions and trade fairs, advertising, publications and brochures, complementary activities, symposia and videoactivities
  • Complex treatment of the industrial design of machines and appliances
  • Securing the development of a manufacturing-base for progressive machinery technologies
  • Securing effective and progressive forms of preparation of top professionals and specialists including professional appraisal of their competence for the exercise of a function
  • Running pedagogically-educational institutions including accomodation and catering
  • Lease of facilities and rooms

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